Access Ladders Qld provide an instant solution for built-in access ladder requirements of all kinds. We’re your local supplier of top-quality access ladders in Qld.  Servicing Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast & Ipswich areas, we also ship our ladders nationwide. We offer a full range of services, including custom ladder designs for home, commercial, and business needs.

Our Expertise

Attic Ladders

Genuine American-style attic ladders, made right here in Australia.

These ladders are easy to use and are perfect for simple attic access or for attic storage purposes. Our attic ladders are available in timber, aluminium, and custom designed models.

Attic Stairs

Attic stairs are a variation on the attic access theme.

Perfect for occasional use by your pest controller or electrician, our folding attic stairs are also ultra-reliable for regular access to your stored items.

Ceiling Ladders

Ceiling ladders are big, ultra-efficient ladders for any home, business, or storage facility.

Our tough ceiling ladders are built to take the hard work and keep working for you for years.

Access Ladders

Access ladders Qld manufacture a broad range of top-quality ladders designed to deliver access to all types of spaces.

Whether you need a ladder for a commercial environment, a ladder to gain access to your roof space, a ladder to reach the highest shelf, or a ladder for an attic storage space, we have exactly what you want.

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Our Products

Library Ladders

Access Ladders are proud to be the only library ladder manufacturers in the nation!

We provide library type rolling ladders that can be used in both residential and commercial applications giving safe and simple access to all bookshelf types.

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Premium Grade Hoop Pine Timber Folding Ladders

Our timber disappearing ladders are great for domestic use and are a practical and economical choice.

Spring Loaded for ease of operation and catering for ceilings of up to 2.8 m, timber ladders are a perfect choice for domestic use.

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Sliding Aluminium Deluxe Series

Our sliding aluminium ceiling ladders are a safe and functional option for ceilings with heights of up to 3750mm.

All of our ladders are 100% Australian made and combine optimum functionality and durability to save you time and money!

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Folding Aluminum Series

Our folding aluminium ladders are a cost-effective attic access solution.  Available to reach heights of up to 3500mm, this option will provide you with easy access to that extra storage you are after.

Manufactured in Australia.

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Custom Made Sizes

At Access Ladders we ensure you get the perfect ladder for your home by modifying custom frame sizes to meet your requirements!

You can be certain that all ladders made by Access Ladders are of the highest quality components and finishes on the market.

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Storage Benefits & Flooring Options

Need storage for unused furniture? Or perhaps clothing and footwear that you don’t wear all that often? You can utilize the unused space in your roof for handy storage.

Great for Christmas decorations, suitcases, blankets, sporting equipment and camping gear!

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Ask Access Ladders for Any Help You Need

Ask the team at Access Ladders for any technical help, practical advice, or guidance you need.

Call us on (07) 3889 2240 or use our online contact page and we’ll be in contact with you ASAP.

Ordering Ladders

Ordering is easy. This is how to order your custom ladder:

  1. Confirm your measurements (ceiling height / required frame width / foldout & standout restrictions).
  2. Contact us!  Ph: (07) 3889 2240.  Email:  Or fill in the contact form
  3. Remember to include any additional details or special requirements with your enquiry.
  4. We’ll assess and provide you with a quote based on your specifications.
  5. Upon your approval, we’ll ship your completed ladder to the address nominated.