Attic Flooring Installations

Attic Flooring for Storage

Need extra storage space? A quality attic ladder leading to a storage platform can provide you the space you need.

The extra space is perfect for:

  • Christmas Decorations
  • Suitcases / Esky’s
  • Winter Blankets
  • Sporting Equipment
  • Camping Gear

Don’t forget the easy access for any maintenance of:

  • Electrical
  • Insulation
  • Air Conditioning
  • Leaking Roofs
  • Pest Control

Let us know if you would like to utilize the unused space in your roof for handy storage.

Flooring options

For storage made easy, call Access Ladders today on (07) 3889 2240 or get in touch via our contact page!


Folding Timber Ladders

If you are after a safe and cost-effective timber ladder for a maximum ceiling height of 2.8 m, our timber disappearing range is perfect for you! Spring loaded for easy operation, our timber ladders are ideal for domestic use.

Aluminium Folding Ladders

For maximum strength and durability, you can’t go past our aluminium folding attic ladders. Simple to use and competitively priced, our aluminium folding ladders are ideal for structures with ceiling heights of up to 2.8 M.